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Travel today is about relationships—relationships with those traveling with you, and relationship with the people and culture that you are visiting.  Kent State University’s Gerald H. Read Center for International and Intercultural Education invites you to join us in  TRAVEL 2 KNOW.

Travel with us and you will discover that travel today is about learning—learning about and meeting personally the indigenous people of a remote region, learning by relaxing on a river cruise, learning from the world’s treasures archived in museums, learning from your fellow travelers, and learning from reading to prepare for a tour and to devour the literature for more after a tour.

Our travel program is about learning and relationships—with each other, the cultures we visit, and our environment.  Our travel program produces carbon; your investment in carbon offset program will help to nullify the harmful effects of travel on the environment.  This is an option that we have for all of our travel program—learning about the world, but saving the planet.